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Underground Punk Radio from Poland! You will hear here independent music, punk archives, records from '80s, '90s up to nowodays! Except that you can promote your band here or check who is promoting with us! Information about gigs, zines, records and everything what is connected with independent punk rock scene! Check our facebook, listen our crazy station! The only one Punk Polish Radio in the web: Underground!


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Broadcast: W Cztery Strony Punka
DJ: TZN Punk
Language: Polish
Music: Punk Rock and other styles
First broadcast happened: 11.06.2013

A few words about it...

This is a Polish broadcast showing a punk rock music arround the World, from many countries. You will hear here not only punk rock, but also rock'n'roll, ska, reggae and oi!.

Catch me on Tuesday - 19:00 to 21:00. Please forgive me if sometimes our broadcast won't happen, I am quite busy man but broadcasting as much as possible.


https://www.facebook.com/WCzteryPunkaStrony Lisen "W Cztery Punka Strony" on YouTube!

Broadcast: Nocna Zmiana Folka
DJ: Smugły Marcin
Language: Polish
Music: Folk
First broadcast happened: 06.07.2016

A few words about it...

The theme of the program usually circulates around stories, myths and legends. Besides, from time to time I present mythology and customs of ancient beliefs of peoples of Europe and the world, various varieties of folk music, bands, albums, concerts, festivals. If you have any materials, please do not hesitate to send them to radiosmugly@o2.pl . To hear on Radio Underground!

Marcin Smugły

Nocna Zmiana Folka on Facebook! Listen "Nocna Zmiana Folka" on YouTube!

Broadcast: Grindcore z Rodziną
DJ: Kefas
Language: Polish
Music: Grindcore
First broadcast happened: 21.02.2019

A few words about it...

Historia of grindcora and a main topic: is: Can you reconcile listening grindcore with family life?

Broadcast: Sensacje XX Wieku: Festiwale w Jarocinie
DJ: Pan Nikt
Language: Polish
Music: punk, alternative music
First broadcast happened: 10.10.2016

A few words about it...

Polish broadcast full of interviews, information about past gigs, etc. Except that, the main idea of that broadcast is asking interviewed person about fameous Polish Punk Festival in Jarocin.


Broadcast: Night Express
DJ: Smugły
Language: Polish
Category: Breaking News
First broadcast happened: 11.08.2018

A few words about it...

Within a few minutes you will get a bunch of wild amazing crazy news from the world from last week :)

Broadcast: Punkowe Przedszkole
DJ: Adam
Language: Polish
Music: punk archive, Polish punk, alternative, post punk
First broadcast happened: 14.03.2010

A few words about it...

The program is strongly demoralizing and harmful to society! Designed for both young rebels and "old crew members". You will hear stories of punk bands, information about events, concerts, new albums and even independent films. Of course, there is no shortage of music, strange interviews and other crazy materials from punkrock archives! Here you will find recordings from Polish Festivals!


Listen "Punkowe Przedszkole" on YouTube!

Broadcast: Night Express
DJ: Smugły
Language: Polish
Category: Breaking News
First broadcast happened: 11.08.2018

A few words about it...

Within a few minutes you will get a bunch of wild amazing crazy news from the world from last week :)


Person/Band Date of the Interview File format
Piotr Banach - Grass, Kumader, Kryterium, Kolaboranci, Dum-Dum, Hey, Indios Bravos, Ludzie Mili 2017 mp3
Rafał Maciąg - Zaczarowany Ołówek 2017 mp3
Bufet i Babsi - Wańka Wstańka & The Ludojades 2017 mp3
Pro Publico Bono 2017 mp3
Do Góry Nogami 2016 acc
Endorfina 2016 mp3
Leśne Ludki 2016 mp3
Marek Wiernik 2016 mp3
Non Serviam 2016 mp3
The Bastard 2016 mp3
The Beers 2016 mp3
Bunkier 2015 wav
Bunt 2015 wav
Diesel Breath 2015 txt
Falon (Psy Wojny) 2015 wav
Guma (Moskwa) 2015 wav
Janusz Krzeczkowski 2015 wav
Kultura Wieku Atomowego 2015 doc
PKI-Project 2015 mp3
Revolt 2015 wav
We Hate Roses 2015 docx
Zygzak 2015 wav
LSW 2014 txt
Serso 2013 mp3
WSK Punk 2013 mp3

We are promoting 221 bands from all arround the world!

Join us!

Name City/Country Music Year of creation
2 Sisters Paryż, Francja Rock 2010
33 Trzysta Nowy Sącz, Poland Punk Rock / Reggae 2014
40 Mil Obłędu Skarżysko-Kamienna, Poland Post/Punk/Rock 2014
Afront Trzebinia, Poland Punk 1991
Akopalipsa Piotrkowice, Poland Punk / Metal 2013
Albion Ipswich, England Punk 2012
Alcohol Fueled Ottawa, Canada Punk 2014
Anal Front Żarów, Poland Ska / Punk 2012
Analchia Lublin, Poland Punk Rock 2015
Animacja Wrocław, Poland Metal Alternatywny 2017
Antibionici Bologna, Italy Punk Rock 2015
Anti Humans Walbrzych, Poland Punk, Alternatywa 2016
Antyhipokryzja Strzelin, Poland Punk 2013
Ampótacja Głogów, Poland Punk & Roll 2010
Arbeit Kommando Myślenice, Poland Punk Rock 2016
Artykuły Rolne Kraków, Poland Noise 2014
Ashpipe Voghera / Volpedo, Italy Punk / Ska / Reggae 2007
Atom Kielce, Poland Punk 2013
AuloFobiA Stargard, Poland HC Punk 2007
Auxnoise Plainfield, Illinois, USA Reggae 2017
AVE Inowrocław, Poland Punk, Alternatywa 2015
Babilon Wronki / Tuczno, Poland Rock 2003
Bamboo Vipers South Central England, UK Punk, Alternative, Rock 'n' Roll 2018
Bang Bang Legionowo, Poland Punk Rock 1989
BembelBois Germany Streetpunk / Oi! 2009
BHP Wrocław, Poland Punk 2013
Bigger Half Nowy Sącz, Poland Punk / Reggae / Dub 2004
Billy Hillfoyer Tarragona, Spain Punk Rock 2011
Blindheart Kolding, Denmark Rock 2016
Blisterhead Skövde/Falköping, Sweden Punk / Ska 1999
Boję Się Wytrzeźwieć Zielona Góra, Poland Punk Rock 2013
Bon Żur Dolny Wrzeszcz, Poland Punk / Rock 2015
Brook Was Here Warszawa, Poland Post Hardcore 2011
Boy Brno, Czech Republic Punk 2013
Burek! Dobry Pies Nowy Zagórz, Poland Punk 1994
Cabana Lazy Punks Łazy, Poland Punk Rock 1988/?
Chleb Kielce, Poland Punk 2012
Cold Meat Party Warszawa, Poland Post Hardcore 2018
Confront Stage Saint-Petersburg, Russia Hardcore Punk 2013
Contrapunk Racibórz, Poland Punk Rock 2015
Cosmopoliss Żywiec, Poland Punk Rock 2014
Craterface Winnipeg, Sweden Punk 2016
Cygański Wiatr Turek, Poland Punk Rock 2012
Czerwone Kościoły Złotów, Poland Punk 1989
Daj Pan Spokój Kraków, Poland Punk Rock 2015
Danziger Gdańsk, Poland Punk Rock 2014
Darmozjady Warszawa, Poland Punk Rock 2016
Deep Shadow Brzeszcze, Poland Punk Rock 2016
Defile Gdańsk, Poland Punk Rock 2019
Defloracja Brzesko, Poland Punk Rock 1990
Dekolt Piekary Śląskie, Poland Punk Rock 1991
De Łindows Katowice, Poland Punk Rock / Ska 2002
Deposit Man Oulu, Finland Punk Rock 2014
Dew Germany Post Punk 2017
DiAnti Piaseczno, Poland Punk Rock 2014
Diesel Breath Amsterdam, Holland Punk / Metal 2013
Digitus Medius Rybnik, Poland Hardcore Punk 2012
(D)juret Sztokholm, Sweden Punk 2016
Dobra Dobra Złotoryja, Poland Punk Rock 2012
Do Góry Nogami Olkusz, Poland Punk Rock 2013
Dolina Lalek Grudziądz, Warownia, Rogóźno, Poland Heavy Psychodelic Punk 2014
Drah Suwałki, Poland Hard Rock 1993
Edward Helsing London, UK Goth, Metal 2016
Eloe Kraków, Poland Theater of Noise 2001
Endorfina Prudnik, Poland Punk Rock 2015
Enter Mikołów, Poland Punk Rock 2017
Evil Beaver Los Angeles, California (USA) Punk Rock 1999
Fabrykanci Aniołków Opoczno, Poland Punk Rock 2015
Fallen Outcast Szczecin, Poland Alternative Metal 2016
Fast Response Zagreb, Croatia Hardcore Punk 2013
Fatale Vollgen Neubrandenburg, Germany Punk Rock 1998
Flaška Visočini Temelin, Czech Republic Punk 2007
Franca Wrocław, Poland Punk/Rock 2015
Freak Lublin, Poland Rock 2017
Garbate Aniołki Radomsko, Poland Punk 1992
GGG Górny Śląsk, Poland Punk 2014
Hańba Kraków, Poland Folk / Rock 1931
Hard Charger Fredericton, Canada Hardcore Crust Punk 2006
Harmfool Birmingham, England Metal Punk Hardcore 2014
Herida Profunda Poland/England Hardcore 2013
Hierarchia Pomiechówek, Poland Punk 2015
Human Rights Warszawa, Poland Punk 2016
Ideas Into Action Berlin, Germany Punk Rock 2015
Ideas Neuroticas Bariloche, Argentina Rock 2015
Incydent Nowa Huta, Poland Punk Rock / Metal 2017
Infant Mortality Dover, England Hardcore Punk 1989
Izolacja Wrocław, Poland Rock 2016
JitterFlow Poland Hardcore 2007
Just War Praga, Czech Republic Hardcore Punk 2014
Kallisa Ivanovo, Russia Light Metal 2010
Katastrofa Oświęcim, Poland Punk 2013
Kaos Attack Belo Horizonte, Portugal Punk 2010
Kompromitacja Zakopane, Poland Ska Punk 2012
Konflikt Slovenia Punk 1992
Koniec Listopada Biała Podlaska, Poland Rock 2016
Kontrkultura Kraków, Poland Punk Rock 2004
Körsbärsfettera Skövde, Sweden Punk 2007
Kouristus Tampere, Finland Grind/Hardcore 2014
Księżycowy Terrorysta Poland Rock 2012
Kto Nie Kocha Pieszczocha Płock, Poland Rock 1987
Kultura Wieku Atomowego Radom, Poland Punk 2009
Larh Aleksandrów Kujawski, Poland Post-Punk 2015
Last Reminded Opole, Poland Punk Rock 2010
Leśne Ludki Panki, Poland Punk Rock 1985
LSW Świdnik, Poland Hardcore Punk 2014
Mähälium Liptones, Szweden Punk Rock 1998
Manifa Basque Country, Spain Punk Rock 2013
Mielenåsoitus Sääminki, Finland Punk 2014
MindCuffed London, England Punk Rock 2015
Mirror Monkeys Germany Punk Rock 2011
Missiles of October Bruksela, Belgium Loud, dirty & angry 2012
Miztake Berlin, Germany Grrrl Punk Rock 2013
Mnoda Poznań, Poland No Wave, Psychodelic Punk 2007
Na Górze Rzadków, Poland Free Rock 1994
Nauka o Gównie Nowy Tomyśl, Poland Punk Rock 1987
Na Zewnątrz Lipsko, Poland Punk Rock 2005
Nieviem Lincoln, England Skate Punk Rock 2016
Nigdy Więcej Poland Rock 2006
Nightmares Kutno, Poland Metal 2012
No! Bruno! Biłgoraj, Poland Hardcore Punk 2014
Nofa Kraków, Poland Hardcore Punk 2012
Non Serviam Chrzanów, Poland Hardcore Punk / Reggae / Ska 1994
No Profits Zambrów, Poland Punk/SKA 1993
On Your Own Gliwice/Knurów, Poland Hardcore Punk 2015
Ortodox Dębica, Poland Hardcore Punk 2003
Pabieda Malbork, Poland Punk Rock 1987
Painkiller Rogoźno, Poland Punk, Hardcore, Crossover 2013
Panika Berlin, Germany Punk 2016
Panzer Flower Gniewkowo, Poland Rock 2016
P.C.K. Jaworzno, Poland Punk, Hardcore 2011
PeaceMaker Opoczno, Poland Punk Rock 2008
Peacemaker Wrocław/Rawicz, Poland Hardcore 1996
Pieniądze Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland Punk, Rock 2012
Pijacka Banda Kielce, Poland Punk Rock 2013
PKI Project Płock, Poland Punk Rock 2015
Pogo-Da Kutno, Poland Punk Rock 2016
Polish Fiction Chojnów, Poland Punk Rock 2003
Polpo Motel Warszawa, Poland Alternative, Electronic 2007
Possuidos Belo Horizonte, Brazil Punk, Hardcore 2004
ProAge Będzin, Poland Punk Rock 1985
Psycho Skład Kock, Poland Punk Rock 1998
Psychodela Kraków, Myślenice, Poland Punk Rock 2016
Punk Brothers Grybów, Poland Punk 2004
Punktera Łęki, Poland Rock, Punk 2017
RatRace Gdynia, Poland Hardcore Punk 2013
Rollmeni Warszawa, Poland Rock'n'Roll/Rock/Country 2011
Rozbujane Betoniary Grybów, Poland Punk Rock 1995
Que Pasa Warszawa/Szczecin, Poland Punk 2014
Radioaktywny Świat Warszawa, Poland Rock Alternatywny 2011
Radykalna Wieś Jawor, Poland Folk / Punk 2016
Revolt Wieluń, Poland Punk 2010
Rotten Scoundrels Bournemouth, England Punk 2015
Rozkaz Kraków, Poland Punk 2012
Ryba Piła Wrocław, Poland Punk death Roll 2005
Ruiny Nowy Tomyśl, Poland Punk, Hardcore 2012
Sajgon Wałbrzych, Poland Punk Rock 1988
Satellites Warszawa, Poland Punk Rock 2014
Sekcja Przemków, Poland Rap, Hip-Hop 2014
Serso Pszczyna, Poland Punk, Ska 2010
Shot Londyn, England Punk Rock 2014
Siaki Preczów, Poland Punk, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Rock 2014
Signo 13 Brasília, Brazylia Post Punk 2012
SKAcowani Kraków, Poland Ska, Punk 2015
Skandal Crew Kraków, Poland Punk, Hardcore 2015
Skeleton Arms Jyväskylä, Finland Punk 2017
SKTC Czechowice-Dziedzice, Poland Punk, Hardcore 1988
Slovenians Brussels, Belgium Punk 2012
Smoleńsk Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, Poland Punk 2018
Smuta Poland Rap, Hip-Hop 2013
Some Kind Of Hate Singapore, Singapore Punk Rock 2014
Solvent Of Society Langford, British Columbia New Alternative Grunge 2015
S.P.A.M. Warszawa, Poland Punk Rock 2015
Spontane Warszawa, Poland Rock, Metal, Punk 2003
Spontaniczna Grupa Muzyczna (SGM) Poznan, Poland Rock/Blues 2015
Stado Pędzących Imadeł Chełmek, Poland Punk 1988
Stan Oskarżenia Wrocław, Poland Punk 1986
Stiknaats Dordrecht, Holland Punk / Rock / Grunge 2007
Strzęp Pieroński Katowice, Poland Punk Rock 2014
Sweety Kitty Zgorzelec, Poland Rock, Metal 2011
Tester Gier Śląsk, Poland Crossover 2013
The Attic Leeds, England Punk Rock, Reggae 1988
The Bastard Myślenice, Poland Punk Rock 2007
The Beatersband Rosignano Solvay, Italy Rock '50s 2018
The Beers Częstochowa, Poland Punk 2008
THCulture Rzeszów, Poland Trance, Noise, Punk, Alternative 1996
The Fiend Edinburgh, Scotland Punk 1982
The Kishones Poland Punk 2015
The LarH Aleksandrów Kujawski, Poland Post Punk 2015
The Pau Poland Post-Punk, New Wave, Industrial 2014
The Roughies Oakland, Canada Punk Rock 2013
The Sabała Bacała Rzeszów, Poland Punk Rock 2001
The Schlingelz Neubrandenburg, Germany Punk Rock 2009
The Thinners Wodzisław Śląski, Poland Punk Rock 1994
The Trepp Jaworzno, Poland Punk Rock 1986
The USA (Undying Swan Act) Boston, England Rock Alternative 2016
Too Late Szczecin, Poland Nowa Fala, Punk 2009
Totally Gnarly New York, USA Punk Rock 2015
Tukatukas La Réunion, France HC Punk 2006
Twój Stary Warsaw, Poland Punk Rock, Post Punk 2007
Uliczny Opryszek Nowy Tomyśl, Poland Punk 1991
Unbeaten Bydgoszcz, Poland Hardcore 2016
Underground Alliance East Los Angeles, California (USA) Punk 2007
Urząd Bezpieczeństwa Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland Punk 2010
Verwahlost Neubrandenburg, Germany Punk, Hardcore 2009
Wara! Miłkowice/Lubomierz, Poland Hardcore Punk 2018
We Hate Roses Warszawa, Poland Grunge 2013
Will'n'Ska Wilno, Lithuania Alternative Ska-Rock 2012
Witchrite Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland Trash Metal 2007
WOIK Bielsko-Biała, Poland Emo Reggae 2016
World in Ruins Sweden Crust Punk, Death Metal 2017
WSKPunk Wrocław, Poland Punk 1985
Zaczarowany Ołówek Stalowa Wola, Poland LO-FI 1986
Zakaz Posiadania Wyspa Wolin, Poland Punk 2009
Zakład Produkcyjny Toruń, Poland Punk Rock 2009
Zdrawica Jaworzno, Poland Folk-Rock 2013
Zemsta Nietoperza Sieradz, Poland Punk Rock 1995
Zimna Wojna Wrocław, Poland Punk Rock 2016
ZLO Tallinn, Estonia Punk 2001
Złośnik Ciechocinek, Poland Punk 2016
ZSRE Zawiercie, Poland Punk 2003
Zwłoki Wrocław, Poland Punk 1979


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